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Come at me bro

Didn’t really get any writing done today thanks to a busy day. Started this morning when a girl my girlfriend had been working for decided she wanted her money back despite the fact that the work was completed as far as she could take it without said girl’s further direction. Since we’re sharing one phone at the moment, that was a fun way to spend the morning arguing with this insane woman.

Things got better though as in the middle of the day I had a wonderful conversation with a potential employer that culminated in an appointment to interview on Monday. Not a job I could see myself loving, really, but the pay is good and I need the income. It will take a lot of stress off if I get it, and that could help my writing I think as I find I have a hard time writing when I’m stressed out.

Then a little bleed over from the morning insanity this evening culminated in the aforementioned girl’s boyfriend calling and threatening to “beat my ass.” That ended in a long chat with a police officer and the knowledge that if he shows his face around here he’ll most likely be arrested for assault by threat and criminal trespass. Why do I know people like this? I’m half hoping he does show up just because I will thoroughly enjoy watching the police drag his ass off to jail. A completely unacceptable escalation of complete stupidity on the part of his girlfriend. Hooray.

So I’m pretty exhausted, but I’ll try to do a little writing tonight. We’ll see if I can manage anything but right now I’m a weird mixture of excited (about the job) and pissed off (about the redneck). Something tells me good writing isn’t going to come out of me in this state of mind. Meh.