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My Writing Space

A lot of writers seem to have dedicated offices that they toil away in. I’ve read about how several writers pin rejection letters to their desk/wall above their monitors to encourage them to work that much harder. Negative reinforcement and the such. I’ve got to imagine that with the rise in laptops, netbooks, tablets, and the like, the number of writers toiling away in a dark room separated off from everyone else has decreased over the last decade or so. And with so much of the communication going electronic, do they now pin rejection notices to their computer’s desktop instead?

I do my writing out in the open on my ~5 year old HP laptop with my feet propped up on the ottoman. It’s comfortable. Sure I can be distracted more easily than if I locked myself away, but it just forces me to focus in on my work even more. Typically speaking I just throw in some headphones, plop down, and get to writing. I’m accessible but distant, because I’ve made it clear that when I’m in writing mode not to distract me unless it is genuinely important. I know I’m in a groove when the girlfriend takes a shower, walks the dog, and cooks dinner without me even being aware she’s moved off the couch.

My writing space

Maybe someday when I’m a rich and famous writer I’ll have a dedicated writing studio off my house or something, I don’t know. As it is right now my arrangement is as much necessity as choice unless I wanted to turn the closet or bathroom into an office. Studio apartments don’t really leave much room for segmentation and isolation. I’m just glad I can work in such conditions.