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Shameless promotion

When she isn’t reading food labels to dodge gluten and lactose, my girlfriend has been spending her time creating some wonderful crochet hats, scarves, and other fluffy, fuzzy things. I don’t really intend to use this blog to promote products or services or anything like that, but I figured with winter coming some of you (note: I have no idea how many readers I have/will have and have no intention of checking; obsessing over blog viewership is a waste of time) might be interested in some handmade products.

So here’s a bit of shameless promotion. 😉

Custom Crochet Scarf, cruelty free & cozy

Custom Crochet Scarf, cruelty free & cozy

On a more writerly note, I did indeed manage to pound through chapter four last night and now I’m sitting at about 9,100 words on first draft 2.0. After chapter four in first draft 1.0 my word count was a hair under 5,000, so the added description (and a bit more character fleshing out, since I know them better now) has really helped slow down the pacing to a more “novely” rate. Before it was definitely veering toward novella length, not that there is anything wrong with novellas. I’m just trying to write a novel right now, not a novella. 😉