About J.S. Joyner

J.S. Joyner was born and raised in the Dallas area, a well-loved and admittedly spoiled only child of two wonderful parents that hooked him on reading so early that he can’t even remember an age where he wasn’t doing so voraciously. He graduated from North Mesquite High School and was referred to by one English teacher as “a student who didn’t talk very much, but when he did it was worth listening to.”

Though he’d been writing Reflective Self Portraitcreatively since he was a child, joining a sci-fi creative writing forum at thirteen, when college rolled around he initially pursued a degree in Political Science before switching majors to Economics. Neither really stuck, though throughout college his lifelong obsession with books led him to work as a bookseller at Barnes & Noble for several years along with stops as an administrative assistant for a local funeral home and in the mortgage industry.

He continues to reside in the Dallas area with his rat terrier Isabelle, feverishly bashing his head on the laptop’s keyboard in hopes of producing a work of great genius that will change the world for all eternity. Failing that, he’d settle for a work on which he can at least be proud to put his name.


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