Breaking a sweat

I spent most of my day helping my best friend pack up his apartment and load things up for his move. First real manual labor I’ve done in quite a while and I definitely broke a sweat, managed to drench an entire shirt actually. But he helped me move last year, so the man code dictates I assist him with his move. I really don’t mind, a little physical labor every now and then is good for me.

The only downside of helping him all day is that I didn’t get any writing done. However I hardly consider it a lost day writing wise because one of the really great things about physical labor (at least the non-dangerous kind, wouldn’t recommend this if you’re digging a ditch near a gas main or something) is that you can just let your mind wander. So while I was lugging a couch to the parking lot, I was also in the orbital halo checking out one of a few dozen habitats. While I was lugging his coffee table I was thinking about the mechanics of a passenger mass driver. Nerdy for sure, but quite useful when you’re writing scifi.

Favorite quote of the day? “Apparently your vagina is better at this than mine.” Said by one of the two girls we enlisted to help us pack after literally walking around his apartment for half an hour and feeling completely overwhelmed.

Why are women better at packing things? That is a skill I wish I had, I suck at packing.


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