What the…?!

So, fair reader, you might be asking yourself what this blog is. Don’t worry, I’m asking myself the same thing!

With any luck it will become an outlet for my writerly pursuits as I work on completing and revising my first science fiction novel. I’ve written for years and even attempted novels before, but this is my first foray into science fiction and also the first novel I intend to actually shop around to agents in hopes of securing representation.

I’ll be honest, though it is a bit of a case of putting the cart ahead of the horse I already have a short list of agents in mind that I would absolutely love to work with. Since I’ll be querying all of them and more eventually, I’m not going to say who they are. I’d hate to end up with an agent I absolutely love but have them see this blog and feel they were a “second” choice.

But until I become a wildly successful author mentioned alongside Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Robert Heinlein (read: never), I’ll also be using this blog as an outlet for discussing various and sundry life events.

As such, the last part of this entry will be dedicated to what I had for dinner tonight. That seems rather banal, yes, but my girlfriend was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and thus has had to make a massive shift in her diet. Celiac disease is basically a gluten allergy, and my Italian-American (ow! Sorry! Sicilian-American!) girlfriend is obviously grief stricken at the death of her relationship with pasta.

Being the supportive boyfriend I am, and also a glutton for punishment probably, I’ve decided to join her on her gluten free diet (which is basically just a modified paleo diet, which I had some success with many moons ago and I’m not really sure why I drifted off of it).

Our trip to Sprouts today allayed some of her fears as they have a pretty good selection of gluten free pastas (mostly made from rice), though she didn’t have the guts to try making that tonight. The grief would have been redoubled if she had and found out it was awful.

So instead we had a wonderful chicken and bean soup. Not a bit of gluten or dairy (celiac disease can also cause lactose sensitivity) and absolutely delicious!

Until next time, fair readers!


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